Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Tech Tip

I know.....I's a secret:



Let's get right to the STORY.

Once upon a summer a curious teacher dreamed of making a BIG impact in the world of education.  Perhaps, just like you.

So she began a blog for teachers and decided to share her newbie experience of sharing educational material on teachers pay teachers hoping that other teachers would share their knowledge as well.

The end...
or maybe the just the beginning.

I think I ought to go back and and better explain my story - or maybe the Desk Secret's story.

My husband's an author and his newest book, hopefully soon to be illustrated, is titled:  Desk Secrets--an imaginative story that promotes creative writing.

Thus my blog's name.

Has anyone ever thought to themselves:  "Self, I think I'll whip up some products for my classroom then sell them on TPT and sail off into the sunset with my new found fortune???"



Well - I don't want to burst any bubbles out there in bloggy world BUT it just doesn't work that way.  All week (and I mean from morning to night everyday) I have been working on products.  It started out small and innocent but boy, oh boy it's work (although I enjoy it).

It took hours to find, buy and organize my clipart/fonts/borders/backgrounds.  Then came making the products, flattening the files (how dare those cliparts and fonts try to walk off my page), and figuring out how to properly give credit to the people who made the clipart, etc.

Finally, I figured it all out and have at last uploaded four free files and one for purchase for $1. Whew!  I mean how hard can the rest of it be.  [Insert crazy laugh] I just have one word to say:


Thanks for my hubby who came to my tech rescue more times than I could count.  Thanks to those reading this post.  Also, thanks this particular and invaluable blog post in guiding me through this process:
 Teaching With Hope   -  follow HER instructions if you ever need to flatten a file -- it was FLAT out awesome.
That's my big tech tip of the day and my first blog post.

My next adventure is to create another product!

If you have any questions please comment!


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