Sunday, September 13, 2015

I Love Kindergarten

Well, well, well, my imaginary friends (soon to be hopefully real friends who read this) - I just completed my third week of Kindergarten and I'm in love!  I taught kindergarten a long time ago (I'll refrain from saying "In a galaxy far, far away") and then I taught first grade for a few years.  But I'm back and loving every minute of it!

I teach two sessions each day.  It's busy and crazy AND... did I say BUSY? 

Between recess, snack and specials I get to teach a little over two hours each session.  My goal this year is to share what I'm doing with my kids, show you my classroom and find a few followers.  However, if anyone wants to follow the Yellow Brick Road - I must warn you that we're NOT in Kansas anymore.  


We are in Kindergarten!

Here is my day:

Enter/Take Home folder in chair pocket/clip in for milk choice
Morning Meeting (or afternoon) - calendar/phonological awareness/Zoo Phonics    
                                                     practice/story (with story elements)
Reading Group and Centers
Writing (choice and prompts based on theme)
Go Home (What?  We just got here)

So, social studies and science themes must be incorporated into my reading, writing and math in order to fit it all in.  It has not been perfect but we're just getting to the meat of instruction NOW.  So I guess that means that perfection is coming!  Ha!  Ha!   

I might live in dinosaur land because I don't see many teacher blogs out there who teach 1/2 day kindergarten.  Tell me it isn't so...........I actually like half day because it forces me to be intentional with what I do and I really don't hear ("When do we go HOME?").  However, I'm worried about fitting in all of Common Core!   

So come join me on my adventure.  I can't wait to see your adventure too!


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