Monday, September 21, 2015

Who Has An Opinion?


I think we are all full of them.

However, there is no one more full of opinions than a Kindergartener.  That's a fact!

The hardest part about teaching facts and opinions is that kids always think that their opinion is a fact.

Child:  Broccoli is yucky.  That's a fact.
Teacher:  No, honey, that's your opinion.
Child:  No, it's true that I don't like broccoli.

Actually, I don't know why anyone would argue with that!

Now - if I tell you that dogs are the best creatures on this planet - well that would certainly be a fact!  Ha!

I can understand why this is a hard concept for kids.

I made a product to help make writing opinion pieces a little easier.  They are simple sentence starters about a variety of fall topics. You can even make a class book out of it!  Just click on the link below.

Opinion Writing Class Books



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