Sunday, January 10, 2016


No one said teaching is EASY.

If they did they would need to come talk to me first.............

I've mentioned this before........and I'll say it again.......I teach academics about two hours a day (as a half day kindergarten teacher).

Two hours.....

By the time we unpack our Take Home Folder and Reading Bag, put them away, hang up our backpack and coat AND make our milk choice it's just about time to go home!  Ha!

So, to make my life - and my kindergarteners' lives -- much better and oh so much more productive, I've decided to change things around.

Here is my day:

Enter/ unpack/ make milk choices/ come to carpet

Calendar/ Skills (phonemic awareness, rhyming, syllables, sight words, review of letters/sounds)


Math Instruction


Math Game or practice



Reading Group

This schedule is so much better because it allows a natural flow of quiet times and partner or small group interaction times.  It allows some peace and quiet as well as noise....noise....noise!  As much as I try to make parts of my day quiet - come on friends - if you have ever stepped foot in a kindergarten classroom you KNOW it's not a silent place!  And that's okay with me ----- most of the time.  ;)

My hope for this blog is to break down each part of my day and share it with the world.  Well --- um -- or maybe just the few of you reading this blog. 


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