Sunday, March 25, 2018

Chickens........Bawk -- Bawk

Well, it's that time of the year..........SPRING!

I thought it was spring UNTIL is snowed two inches today.  Yes - you heard me correctly!  It snowed - in MARCH.

Anyway, while I was wishing for spring to arrive I thought I'd work on kindergarten products.  I have another new product for my chicken unit.  Yes - we are hatching chicks in kindergarten this year.  It's my first year to ever do this and I'm so excited!  However, I feel like mama hen.  I'm nervous about doing it all correctly - I don't want any of my chicks to not make it.

So here is my newest product.  It's a Write the Room for Chickens - with real photographs.  Just click on the link!

If you are on Spring Break - I hope it's somewhere warm.

Have a blessed Sunday!


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