Sunday, March 4, 2018

I Thought I Knew Them All........

He was a Novia Scotia Tolling Retriever.  What?  I thought I knew all the breeds!  I can walk up and down the streets of our neighborhood - Hi Tucker!  Hey Roxie!  Yo Annie!  Lexy - looking good!  No those aren't people - those are just a few of the well known (by me) dogs of our neighborhood.  However, I thought I could name any breed but I'd never heard of the Novia Scotia Tolling Retriever.  He looked like my baby (a Golden Retriever) but a bit smaller.  That's what happened on our walk today.

Speaking of taking a walk...........take a look at my new product -- The Elephant's Back.

It's a whimsical song about an elephant who is walking to the zoo and he meets some animal friends who are so excited they make all kinds of noises.  It's a fun animal song!  I hope you enjoy!


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