Wednesday, November 7, 2018

How I Structure Centers

I love Reading Group time.  It's an enjoyable part of my day where my kids are working independently and I get to listen to kids read and see progress in their letter, sound and sight word knowledge.  I teach half day kindergarten, currently.  When I taught all day K I had the privilege of meeting with each group every day.  With half day I meet with each group twice a week then save Friday for lots of other things (reading test and a weekly art project sometimes involving writing).

So while I'm meeting with kids, here is what the rest of my class is doing:

Seatwork then off to Centers (twice a week) OR I-Read on the iPads (twice a week)

Today's post is all about centers.

I have 9 centers.  I do NOT rotate or assign.  I simply let them choose.  I've already given them the work I want them to complete and now it's time for them to make choices on what they want to do.

3  Centers are ELA games or activities
3  Centers are Math games or activities
    Reading Center
2 Writing Centers (writing cards and write the room)

When they finish a center they either put it in their backpacks and take it home or they put it in the Unfinished work basket to work on the next time they have centers.

For the ELA and Math games -  I put the pages in plastic sleeves so they can reuse them.  I have them play games where they can roll and record or roll and cover.  I also put fine motor activities - for example my kids love pokey pin pages.

For the writing activities I put out plain paper and some writing cards (with pictures and words that go with our theme or season) and let them draw and write.  I also have Write the Room activities that they do.  One of my favorite versions of Write the Room is called Spin the Room (it's one way to work on short and long vowels).

There are so many wonderful products I've found on Teachers Pay Teachers that I've used in my centers over the years.  I also have many of my own.

If you are looking for centers to add to your collection, here are some ideas:

Spin the Room Short and Long Vowel Bundle

Roll and Cover

Writing Cards (fall)

Hidden Objects - Short Vowels

Write the Room (Winter Bundle)

May your Centers be full of joy and learning!


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